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The Poutine Cheeseburger You Know You Want To Eat During Poutine Week

Fast food decadence at its finest.
The Poutine Cheeseburger You Know You Want To Eat During Poutine Week

Crazy poutine creations are pretty run of the mill nowadays, I mean, we even have a whole week-long food event devoted to the jazz'd up cheese-fry-gravy trinity. No one can really deny how amazing decadent poutines, and all those you can eat during Poutine Week, are simply amazing, though what we'd like to see is a poutine creation that is simultaneously simple while being out of the norm. What we want is the Double Cheese Poutine Burger by Food and Wine.

Burger Week meets Poutine Week in this power level over 9000 meal, which, when broken down, is really just a poutine combined with a cheeseburger. Like we said, it's a pretty simple idea that's definitely been done before, yet no Montreal resto (that we know of) actually serves this bad boy of a burger on the regular. Obviously this needs to change.

You can make the Double Cheese Poutine Burger pretty easily at home, which would probably save you some cash, though it'll take you a few hot minutes of your time. All you really need to do is make a poutine and a cheeseburger, but if you don't have your own recipe for either (for shame if you live in MTL and can't make a poutine from your head) then there's a recipe for the DCPB right here.

Anyone who doesn't have the time or energy to make a DCPB, you'll just have to fantasize.