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The Poutine Hash Brown Breakfast Waffle Is Foodporn At Its Tastiest

Photo cred - Nutmeg Nanny

Breakfast is perhaps the only meal of the day when eating a poutine isn't an acceptable option. The solution, as we've seen many a time, is the breakfast poutine, a change up on the classic that usually includes home fries (instead of the French variety) with an egg thrown in. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and got it dirty with gravy. Changing things up is a new player on the breakfast poutine scene: the Poutine Hash Brown Waffle by Nutmeg Nanny.

Doing away with fries entirely, the PHBW fulfills the potato aspect necessary to poutine with a hash brown waffle. Hash browns are great, and so are waffles, so joining the two together into one delicious form sounds like the best idea to come to breakfast in a long while. Assembly is pretty simple, just press in a bunch of frozen hash browns (mixed with egg) onto a waffle iron and you're set.

After your hash brown waffle is made, it's smooth sailing to breakfast poutine town. The original recipe tells you to make your own gravy, though you can easily sub that in with some store bought stuff. No matter your choice, make sure to heat up the gravy real good, so you can melt all the cheese curds to be placed atop the potato waffle. Top it all off with a fried egg and you have yourself a breakfast fit for a champion, or the incredibly hungover. Same diff.

See the Poutine Hash Brown Waffle in all it's decadent glory below, and check out the recipe here.

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