Alright, raise your hand if you love poutine. Is your hand raised? It should be, friends, because poutine is much more than just food - poutine is life, TBH.

Another popular Montreal food that's also good enough to bring tears of joy to your eyes? Hot dogs. Eating a delicious steamie, Michigan, or grilled hot dog from one of Montreal's finest establishments can be akin to consuming an actual work of art.

It's no secret that these foods are two of my faves, and I've given a lot of thought as to what would happen if these two combined. I mean, sure, there are hot dog poutines - but what about a poutine hot dog? What about a straight up hot dog, in a bun, smothered in poutine sauce, covered in crisp fries, and filled to the brim with tasty, squeaky cheese? Would that not be heaven?

It would be, friends. And, the best part? It actually exists.

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Jukebox Burgers (11798 Boulevard de Salaberry) has recently unveiled this amazing hybrid food as part of its new menu. This West Island eatery is known for its burgers, mac n' cheese, poutines, and other awesome dishes, so you know that this creation is going to be top notch.

If this sounds like something you're going to love (and, come on, you know it does), then don't forget to follow Jukebox's Facebook page for more information.

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