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The Poutine Ice Cream Sundae Is Real And Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Hot or cold, it really does not matter.
The Poutine Ice Cream Sundae Is Real And Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Photo cred - Poutine Chronicles

After a hefty plate of poutine, with your stomach full of gravy, grease, and cheese, all you really want is a cooling treat to settle your stomach and your sweet tooth. The last thing you want, though, is more poutine. Or do you? Your post-poutine attitude and notion of desserts will now be forever changed thanks to Québon 's Ice Cream Poutine, a cool (pun!) twist on the classic dish.

More of a poutine inspired dessert rather than a real poutine, Québon's creation still follows the poutine rule of three, just switching up the poutine trinity with their sundae counterparts. Cookies are put in place of fries, marshmallows sub in for cheese curds, and warm butterscotch sauce is the gravy replacement, with plenty of ice cream everywhere for good measure.

Québon's Ice Cream Poutine made waves (or rolls, if you will) when it debuted in 2010, simultaneously amazing folks and making them scared for their personal health. You can definitely find this glorified (in a good way) sundae at VélOasis, which is now closed for the season, though you could probably get (or force the attendant to make you) one at any place that has Québon soft serve.

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