The Poutine Pizza Is Now Available In Montreal

This is where you can eat one... or two.
The Poutine Pizza Is Now Available In Montreal

Photo cred - georgeleroivaudreuil

Two weeks ago we posted about a Poutine Pizza and our readers completely lost their minds. The concept was simple, Pizza dough with a poutine on top of it and while it's easy enough to assemble, people were very disappointing to hear that it wasn't available in Montreal.

At least that's what we thought until we came across a wonderful Vaudreuil diner named George Le Roi Du Sous-Marin. Not only do they make and sell the poutine pizza, but they were also kind and wise enough to top it off with bacon and pepperoni.

That's right the pizza is real and it looks even more delicious than we could have imagined. You know you want one today, and now you totally can. In fact you can choose from 5 different varieties: The Original Poutizza, The Quebecoise Poutizza, The Supreme Poutizza, The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Poutizza, and the Mexicana Poutizza. It'll be worth the drive, or you could always walk there to offset the havoc this pizza will wreak upon your body.