The "Poutine Week 2015" Map Of Montreal

The perfect tool to map out your week of poutines.
The "Poutine Week 2015" Map Of Montreal

As you should already know, Poutine Week 2015 has already begun. Montreal's most epic eateries are now in full battle-mode and ready to win your taste buds over with their poutine creations. More than 40 different resto's are participating in Poutine Week 2015, giving you almost too many options, though this map will definitely narrow down your choice by showing you which poutinerie is closest to you.

Proximity plays a big role in poutine-eating when it's this cold outside, and so one altruistic Montreal created a map of Montreal specifically designed for Poutine Week 2015. All participating resto's are featured on the map, allowing you to quickly see which poutinerie is closest to your current location, allowing you to get poutine in your face as quickly as possible.

Get at the Poutine Week 2015 map of Montreal here.

Location is one thing, but the appeal of some of the extravagant poutine-creations may be enough to get you trekking it through all the blowing snow today, and for the rest of the week. We've already chosen our must-eat poutines of 2015, but be sure to make up your own mind by checking out the full resto list here.