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The PQ Doesn't Want You To Have English Words On Your Custom License Plates In Quebec

So typical.
The PQ Doesn't Want You To Have English Words On Your Custom License Plates In Quebec

Driving around pretty much anywhere outside Quebec you will often see vehicles with funny and witty - sometimes totally idiotic - personalized license plates.

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Guess what Quebec? Looks like we will be able to have the option to personalize our own license plates.

The Société de l 'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) announced Tuesday that as of July 27, Quebecers will be able to choose a seven-letter message that will appear on their nameplate.

However, in true Quebec spirit, a current debate is raging about whether or not individuals should be able to use English words on their personal plates.

It looks like although the SAAQ indicates that it will allow individuals to receive messages in English or any other language (in letters of the Latin alphabet, figures are also allowed), on the other hand, the "Charter Of The French Language" states that "public signage and commercial advertising must be in French".

Seem like these two pieces of legislation are in total conflict.

That said, a license plate on one's own car is considered by a "natural" person and not by a commercial enterprise or by the SAAQ itself, therefore can be in any language of the individuals choosing.

The PQ backlashed stating that this is against the law.

In the eyes of Parti Québécois, it is clear that the law should require the SAAQ to refuse requests for plates in languages other than French.

Considering that the revenue that the SAAQ expects to draw from the personalized license plate program in five years is 20 million dollars, allowing the multiple language options to be available could be a good idea.

As of now, a license plate of an individual not considered a form of commercial signage and therefore can be in French or English. Sorry PQ.

However, in the future, companies may be able to obtain personalized license plates, only then will it be considered a form of commercial signage and therefore must only be in French.


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