The PQ Will Be Implementing Free Education Across Québec If They Win

The Parti Quebecois says it would offer free post-secondary education if it wins this fall's provincial election. The party announced the measure as it rolls out its electoral platform at a general meeting in Drummondville, Que. 

The platform also proposes a $15 minimum wage and new rules on secularism that would ban teachers and daycare workers from displaying religious symbols and require citizens who are receiving services to do so with their faces uncovered.

The party is hoping to gain traction in an early election race where it has struggled to get attention and most polls put it in third place. Elsewhere in the province, the poll-topping Coalition Avenir Quebec was met by a small protest on Sunday over its position on daycares.

About a dozen people held up signs outside a Quebec City-area party meeting asking the party to support the province's subsidized daycare model rather than increase funding to private operators.