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The Price Of Gas In Canada Is About To Skyrocket

This time, it's not because of Trump.
The Price Of Gas In Canada Is About To Skyrocket

Climate change is a huge issue globally, but Canada has been paving the way for other nations in terms of climate policy.

The country's sublime natural landscapes and diverse wildlife are a point of pride for many Canadians and a prime motivating force behind some of the most progressive environmental regulations in the world.

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Climate change will have the most adverse effects on small, poor coastal countries, but drastic environmental upheaval will also affect the country with the second largest land area in the world. Recently, scientists announced that melting glaciers will likely trigger volcanic activity in western Canada.

So it makes sense that the current Canadian government has so aggressively taken on the issue. A cornerstone of the prime minister's plan to cut national carbon emissions, for example, includes the application of a steep carbon tax to discourage consumption of products with a high environmental cost.

The product at the top of the list is, of course, gasoline.

Canadians have largely supported the carbon tax proposal. But today, the Financial Post released the price hikes that Canadian households are likely to see as a result.

While Quebec and British Columbia will see the lowest carbon taxes, $662 and $603 per family per year, respectively, residents of Nova Scotia and Alberta can expect taxes to increase by a whopping $1,110 annually.

Consumers will see the tax added to gas station prices in 2019. The additional cost is sure to only exacerbate the rising cost of goods in Canada, especially as a result of Trump's trade war.

Stay tuned.


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