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The Prodigy Will Play Montreal In 2014

Exclusive 2014 Canadian tour announced before The Prodigy's 6th album release.
The Prodigy Will Play Montreal In 2014

Canada will host electronic royalty in 2014 as the illustrious, renowned, and enigmatic British band The Prodigy have announced an exclusive Canadian 2014 tour . In conjunction with ONE NIGHT WITH, The Prodigy will take a pause from working on their newest album How To Steal A Jetfighter to rock the Great White North on an exclusive tour from February 28th to March 22nd. The Prodigy will not play in any other nation until their official world tour 4 month later, because they (rightly) think Canadian fans rock. Official city locations and dates have yet to be revealed, but rest assured, The Prodigy will play Montreal.

The Prodigy gained North American notoriety back in 1997 for hit singles 'Firestarter' and 'Smach My Bitch Up,' having already torn up the British music scene for 7 years. Original band members Liam Howlett, Keith Flint, and Maxim have continued to keep electronic music alive, with their last album Invaders Must Die proving The Prodigy is still at the cutting edge of high energy and raw music. Accompanied by live member Leo Crabtree and Rob Holliday, The Prodigy's Canadian tour will surely be an ecstatic and mesmerizing music experience.

Little is known about The Prodigy's latest album, How To Steal A Jetfighter, which the band is still working on. A few tracks ('The Day' and 'Rotweiler') have been debutd at live performances, with nothing official recorded. Liam Howlett, in NME magazine, described the latest disc to be "louder and darker" than previous works. The entire new collection may not be fully completed by time The Prodigy tours Canada, but the band has promised they will please your ears with a mix of new tracks and fan favourites from their last six albums.

Montreal, and Canada at large, is in for an epic treat when The Prodigy graces Canadian stages. The rest of the world will have to wait until June 8th 2014, when The Prodigy ventures on their global tour. Feel privileged Canadians, we get a taste of the newest musical creations from electronic and rock legends, with the rest of the world excluded. MTL Blog will keep you in the loop with the latest updates info on The Prodigy's exclusive Canadian tour, and let you know exactly when they'll be in Montreal.

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