The Quebec Government Is Making Life Better For Anglophones

The Quebec Liberal government is making a commitment to improve the lives of Anglophones in the province through careful review of legislation. 

When new bills or other pieces of legislation are proposed, the government will carefully analyze how the changes could affect English-speakers in Quebec, reports Global News. 

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This new official mandate will ensure that Anglophones are always in mind when the Quebec government passes new bills and laws. 

Kathleen Weil, Quebec’s new Minister of Anglophone Affairs, said that, along with the new mandate, the government will investigate “best practices elsewhere too.”

No further details were really given, but the Liberal party did allude to five resolutions to be discussed in Quebec City later this month that may impact anglophones.  

So, as with most things government-related, we’re getting a promise without much insight. 

Still, the Liberals are making “lets think about Anglophones for a second” an official part of discussion on policy, which is good news. 

Hopefully this is less of a symbolic move to curry favour within Quebec’s Anglophone populations and more of a move that will lead to beneficial change for the linguistic minority.