The Quebec Government Wants To Ban Pit Bulls Province-Wide

Bill 128 is seeing new life, despite Projet Montreal
The Quebec Government Wants To Ban Pit Bulls Province-Wide

Remember when Valerie Plante was elected as the new Mayor of Montreal, and she made all the dog owners happy by revoking the city's pit bull ban? 

I know you do, it was probably the best thing she's done in office so far. Well, all those efforts may have been for nothing.

Quebec's government are reviewing Bill 128, starting this evening.

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It's only been 3 months since Plante and Montreal suspended the ban on pit bull and pit bull-like dogs. Even so, the Quebec National Assembly is moving forward with more aggression on a province-wide ban. 

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If/when bill 128 passes, Quebec will see stricter animal control laws across the whole province. Much stricter than Denis Coderre's municipal bylaw on breed-specific dogs. 

Bill 128 will also prohibit rottweilers and the province will be able to add new breeds to the banned list at any time it chooses.  

Asked last week whether he would consider removing the breed-specific sections from the bill, Martin Coiteux added that this issue deserves to be heard.

"We'll see whether we have to make a few amendments or not,"

"This [bill], in particular, deserves a very open ear," -Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux.

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Lise Vadnais - the sister of Christiane Vadnais, who succumbed to her injuries, and died, as a result of being attacked by her neighbour's dog - will testify in favour of Bill 128. 

Vadnais looks at Bill 128 and its progress as a second chance to rid Quebec, and Montreal, of the dogs. 

"I was extremely disappointed. I could not bring myself to believe it," she said.

"I hoped until the very last minute that [Plante] wouldn't do it." - Lise Vadnais.

If Bill 128 passes as written now, it will prohibit everyone in the province of Quebec from owning three dog breeds associated with pit bulls. 

  • American pit bull terriers
  • American Staffordshire terriers 
  • Staffordshire bull terries 

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Rottweilers and cross breeds will also be prohibited in Quebec. 

If you're the lucky owner of one of these animals - and yes, I say lucky because they are incredible creatures - you will be allowed to keep them. 

After the bill passes, owners could be fined up to $5,000 and their dogs will be euthanized, sold or given to a shelter. 

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The province of Quebec has begun 3 days of hearings regarding Bill 128, Lise Vadnais will be one of the first to speak to the National Assembly committee. 

The coroner who studied Vadnais's death, Dr. Ethan Litchtblau, will appear on Thursday. For the record, Litchtblau's report ruthlessly criticised Bill 128. 

The CPSPC, however, sought to participate but was not given a time slot.

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