The Quebec Government Wants To Make Montreal's Pink Line Happen

After a meeting between Mayor Valérie Plante and Premiere Philippe Couillard yesterday, the leader of the Quebec government seemingly expressed support for the proposed Pink Line addition to the STM metro network. 

Touching upon the “famous” Pink Line in a public address to reporters, Couillard said that he understands the “logic” of the transit project and how it will potentially be needed to “unclog the Orange Line that will receive increased traffic,” reports La Presse

Couillard foresees an increase in ridership along the Orange Line due to the planned Blue Line extension, which he said the provincial government is still committed to completing. 

“Its going very well,” said Couillard in regards to the planning of the Blue Line extension. “We are not very far from finally starting the project,” said Couillard, adding that final plans need to be discussed with the federal government. 

Couillard then added that the provincial government will definitely “be here” to ensure the STM transit network isn’t overflowed with people following the metro extension, alluding to his support of the Pink Line. 

But while Couillard sort-of said he supports the Pink Line (words Valérie Plante was definitely happy to hear) the premiere did remind everyone that a major transit project like the Pink Line needs to be approved by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain.