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The Quebec Government Wants To Tax Your Vacation

The Quebec Government Wants To Tax Your Vacation

The government loves taxes. They tax your salary, they tax your purchases, they tax cigarettes, alcohol and they tax gas. They even tax the tax you pay every time you buy something. But don't worry, I'm sure they'll run out of things to tax soon enough. But until that moment comes there a new tax they want to introduce.

A tax on your vacation.

Yup, you bust your ass all year long to put some money aside so you can maybe take a little trip somewhere to sit on your ass sipping Mojitos on a beach. But now the government of Quebec wants to tax that too.

But they're being smart about it, it's only 0,5%. Just a tiny little itty bitty 0,5%. Just enough that you can't really get that angry at it. No one's really going to complain about having to pay an extra $5 for every $1000. So the new tax will be implemented and no one will complain much, and then they can just gradually increase it every year while everyone just stands around around saying: "It's only another 5$".

Just look at the taxes we already pay. Every hotel in Quebec charges an extra 3,0% but now that's going to increase to 3.5%. Plus they want to extend this tax to boarding schools, youth hostels and camping sites.

The government says this new tax will generate about $7 million a year which they will probably waste on something stupid like a giant ferris wheel that doesn't work.


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