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The Quebec Government Wants You To Keep Smoking Weed At School

Smoke up students...for now.
The Quebec Government Wants You To Keep Smoking Weed At School

Marijuana legalization is drawing ever nearer and Quebec is scrambling to figure out where and when people will be legally allowed to consume cannabis. 

Fortunately for all you students, Quebec isn’t looking to ban marijuana on university and cégep campuses.

At least, not yet. 

Quebec’s Minister of Higher Education, Hélène David, says that the province isn’t looking to ban marijuana (in bud-form or edibles) on campus, reports JDM

There is, however, a possibility that may change. 

Starting this week, a series of public consultations on marijuana legalization have been held. An open forum was held in Rimouski, and several more are planned in Quebec City, Montreal, and other areas in the province. 

David says that she, and other Quebec politicians, are waiting to hear back from the public before deciding on the province’s legal framework for marijuana.

The politician even said she’s willing to go forward with legislation she doesn’t agree with because, after all, laws should be about what the people want. 

So here’s your call to action, students of Montreal: if you don’t want to see marijuana banned on campus, make your way to one of Quebec’s public consultations on cannabis so your voice can be heard. 

And you really need to, because some university’s are looking into what a ban on marijuana will do to students. 

McGill University was pointed out by JDM, as the institution is already assessing how legalized marijuana will affect the student population and what services should be provided for pot-smokers. 

Not that McGill is straight-up hoping to ban marijuana, but the university, like many others in Quebec, is waiting on the provincial government’s framework on legalized marijuana before making any decisions. 

So again, if you want weed to be officially allowed on university campuses (we all know it’s there already, just illegally) then make sure you attend one of the several public consultations. 

If not, the province may move forward with rules some students may not be happy about. 

For example, it already looks like Quebec will enforce a legal smoking age higher than the minimum age set out by the federal government. 

Once marijuana is legalized next year, the Canadian government will make 18 the minimum age for marijuana consumption. 

But some Quebec health organizations are saying that the minimum age needs to be higher, reports The Gazette.

According to some psychologist and physician groups, 18 is too young, since marijuana can affect the development of the brain, which isn’t done developing until around the age of 25. 

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