The Quebec Language Police Have Seriously Fvcked Up

You'll be shaking your head.
The Quebec Language Police Have Seriously Fvcked Up

An activist from Westmount named Murray Levine wants the OQLF to pay for their mistake and is seeking $75,000 in compensation for the city according to the Suburban.

20 years ago, the OQLF ordered Westmount to install French-only parking signs. A project nobody asked for, which ended up costing $30,000.

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Not only was it unnecessary at the time, but last week, the Mayor of Westmount announced that the city would be replacing all the current parking signs with bilingual ones.

Levine believes that Westmount should be compensated for the money that was spent plus interest.

The Mayor of Westmount, Peter Trent said the justification for this mistake was that the parking signs used to be lumped in the same category as traffic signs, which must be in French-only.

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Levine claims that Peter Trent stated he had proof the OQLF didn't interpret the law correctly, which is why the signs can now be bilingual. However that proof has not been made public.

If this is true then the change 20 years ago was completely unnecessary and that it was all due to an OQLF mistake. Which means the OQLF should either reimburse the money that was spent or at the very least they should have pay to replace the current signs with bilingual ones.

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