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The Quebec Town You Need To Road Trip To That Becomes Magical In The Fall

You won't be'leaf' these views!
The Quebec Town You Need To Road Trip To That Becomes Magical In The Fall

As soon as this heat wave passes the leaves are going to change colours and the city streets will be carpeted in stunning reds, oranges and yellows that will make the whole town sparkle like a newly lit fire. 

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Fall truly is the most magical and colourful season of the year, not just for the fall foliage but also because the air becomes crisp and cool, the smell of cinnamon and apple pie waft through the air, and we can drink our pumpkin spice lattes while wearing our cozy oversized sweaters. 

There's a town just outside the city that's super adorable all throughout the year but it becomes magical during the fall months. 

Stanstead, Quebec is located just1.5 hours outside of Montreal and in a couple weeks you'll be able to see this charming town enveloped in beautiful fall colours! 

The adorable town of Standstead is home to the super popular Bleu Lavande lavender fields, filled with rows of the sweet smelling flowers. You can also ride along the Tomofobia bike trail that runs through the stunning town and straight through forests with perfect views of the fall colours! 

You can also visit the beautiful library and Opera house in the middle of town, grab a coffee from a local cafe, and explore the Stanstead Stone Circle! 

If you've been looking for your next fall road trip this quaint Quebec town should definitely be at the top of your list! 

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