The Quebec Version Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Looks A Lot Like The Original (Photos & Video)

It's been several months now since news first broke that the Quebec version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was on its way. The French-language adaptation will bring the antics of the 99th precinct to a new Canadian audience. Indeed, Escouade 99 is in full production and viewers are already eager to find out more about the new humorous crime series. If you haven't yet heard of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with actor Andy Samberg, it's a show that has been a huge success since its release.

While the sixth season ended last spring, the show will be back in February for a seventh year and the fans are still fully behind it. They even saved it from cancellation last year.

In Quebec, Escouade 99 will be directed by Patrick Huard. Last September, the cast was unveiled to the general public, who was eager to know who would put themselves in the shoes of their favourite characters.

Filming of the series then began in October and should continue until February.

And to the delight of the most curious fans, some images of the set have recently surfaced on social networks.

The actor Mickaël Gouin who will play the role of Max (Jake Peralta in the original series) recently published this rather funny photo of himself and Widemir Normil, in the role of the commander.

"The model position while waiting for Fardoche to finish pooping," he wrote as a caption.

We can see that the unlikely bond between these two characters — one helplessly goofy, the other, stern and devoted — will remain the same in this adaptation. We'll surely be treated to some hilarious scenes.

Bianca Gervais, who will play Rosalie, the tough-as-nails cop (Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine), seems to take her role very seriously, even though she attracted quite a bit of attention after sharing this photo.

She also shared the above picture of herself with her "plastic gun," as she pointed out in the caption. With her dark hair and all-black wardrobe, the resemblance with the character of Rosa is strong.

"Introspection pre-jokes," wrote actress Mylène Mackay under this Instagram photo published Tuesday. 

Taking up the role of Amy — or rather Fanny in the Quebec version — she seems to have adopted her character's serious demeanour.

Guy Jodoin and Léane Labreche-Dor are also part of the cast, (seen in this Instagram story by Mickaël Gouin) playing the roles of Charles and Gina/Valérie respectively.

Actor Mickaël Gouin posted this goffy behind-the-scenes look at the set.

Humour and fun seem to have pervaded the set, which closely resembles that of its American counterpart.

If all goes well, Escouade 99 will be available on the Club illico platform this spring 2020, according to a commentary by the actor in the lead role.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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