'The Ramen Burger' Induces Culinary Worlds To Collide

Two classic Japanese and North American dishes have been bonded together in deliciousness. Thanks to reknowned ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto, a new entry into the world of burger and noodles has graced the food scene of New York. Crowds clamoured for their chance to taste this culinary concoction yesterday, and for good reason. The ramen burger takes the best aspects of both foods and fuses them into one compact noodle-burger.

Keizo begins with two custom made ramen 'buns' which are then lightly fried in sesame oil. A good amount of crunch is left in the buns to let them keep their form, and also to absorb all 'dem meaty beef juices.

A secret soya-shoyu ramen and burger glaze is smeared atop the burger as it is placed upon a bed of arugala and topped with a pile of fresh scallions. Sandwiched between the noodle buns (with or without cheese) the ramen burger looks simple in preparation, but given the wide use of textures and intermingling cultural flavours, I'm sure its quite the taste experience. Its no wonder Keizo sold out the last few days he's served ramen burger.

For now the ramen burger is only prepared by Keizo and only available in New York. I can't imagine it will be too long before other chefs catch on and make their own knock-off versions. Will we see a ramen burger variant in Montreal sometime soon, perhaps for Burger Week Montreal? Are you personally dieing to try the ramen burger? Let us know in the comments below.

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