The RCMP Is Warning The Public Of Counterfeit American Money Circulating In Canada (Photos)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in New Brunswick are alerting the public to the discovery of counterfeit American money in circulation.

The fake bills look like U.S. $100 bills but feature markings that are not on American legal tender.

The "RCMP is advising business owners to be vigilant after several incidents of counterfeit $100 US bills being circulated in Shediac, N.B," a statement reads.

"The incidents occurred between May 3 and May 6, 2019. In some instances purchases were made, while in others the counterfeit money was exchanged for Canadian currency."

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"The RCMP is reminding local merchants and their employees to examine and verify any currency that is given to them, and to report any suspicious bills to their local RCMP detachment."

The RCMP has published photos of the fake bills on its website:


For context, this is what the latest legal version of the $100 American bill looks like, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury:

U.S. Department of the Treasury

For more information on the circulation of counterfeit money in Canada, visit the Counterfeit Currency page of the RCMP website here.

The RCMP advises that, "when dealing with someone who is attempting to pass counterfeit bank notes, cash handlers must ensure their own safety first."

To view the complete list of American legal tender, including the security features on each bill that verify legal status, visit the Department of the Treasury website here.

Review the complete RCMP press release here.