This Is Why Trump Is Creating A New Military "Space Force"

It's just ridiculous.
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This Is Why Trump Is Creating A New Military "Space Force"

Trump has been talking about a 'Space Force' for months like an excited ten-year-old.

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While many believed his proposed new wing of the United States military was typical Trump hyperbole, Vice President and creepy homophobe Mike Pence announced today that the Pentagon is, indeed, establishing the 'Space Force,' even though it sounds like the machination of an ambitious toddler.

Trump even tweeted this today:

Space Force all the way!

August 9, 2018

Anyway, the reasons behind the establishment of the 'Space Force' are pretty bizarre. Trump claims the new branch of the military is necessary to combat new threats to American nationa security.

According to The Guardian, the 'Space Force' will specifically address what the Trump administration perceives as potential aerospace threats from China and Russia, though those "threats" are unspecified.

In reality, the administration seems insecure that other countries are beginning to push space research and exploration. China even plans to send people to the moon in the 2020s, something the United States hasn't done in over forty-five years. 

It doesn't seem like Trump actually understands what the state of human capabilities in space are right now. We can barely get objects from point A to point B. How he plans to militarize space is extremely unclear. According to CNBC news, many American generals and other military officials oppose the 'Space Force.'

The 'Space Force' (I can't not put that in quotation marks) may even implicate Canada. The U.S. and Canada share responsbility for the defence of the continent through the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), through which the two countries are obliged to share intelligence, information, and technology.

Just how and if Canada will be drawn into participation in the 'Space Force' is still unclear, however.

It is also unclear whether Trump's planned militarization of space would defy international treaties, like the Lunar Treaty, which forbid extraterrestrial weapons testing.

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