The Real Story Behind "Montreal Pool Room"

The secrets behind one of the city's 100+ year old institutions.
The Real Story Behind "Montreal Pool Room"

Guys, if you've ever been to Montreal, then you know we're unique AF. We do things a little different here, so that something as simple as eating a bagel or drinking a coffee is a whole new, awesome experience.

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And that counts for hot dogs, too.

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If you've never tried a classic Montreal steamie, then you might not know what all the hype is about. A hot dog is a hot dog, right? Well, no, actually.

A steamie is on a level all of its own, and everyone in the city has their own fave spot to cop a juicy bite of this classic Quebec dish.

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One such spot is Montreal Pool Room (1217 Boul. St-Laurent), an institution that's been in the heart of every Montrealer for over a century.

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You read that right, guys. Montreal Pool Room first opened its doors in 1912, founded by Bulgarian immigrant in Filipoff Dakov.

Which makes it a little over 100 years old. And although there were functional pool tables at one point, there aren't anymore. (Unless you count the ones used as counter space... but you can't exactly use those for playing pool).

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Although it's been around for a very, very long while, it hasn't always been in its current location.

Until 2010, Montreal Pool Room was actually across the street from its current location, but still on the Main.

In 2010, though, it chose to move across the street to make room for different projects being developed in the area. Luckily, they were able to stick close to their infamous location.

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Not going to lie, it sounds like some pretty cool things went down over there... and considering it was open for about 98 years, how could awesome stuff not go down?

Leonard Cohen, for example, used to frequent the spot in his younger days (RIP), as did other Montreal legends.

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In 1989, a fire broke out through the restaurant, which forced them to rebuild the whole interior... which, obviously, is not that fun, but it's worth mentioning that despite a huge setback, they returned stronger than ever.

Today, although it's in an all-new location, the love Montrealers have for this spot is clearly strong enough to weather anything.

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And it's honestly no surprise. One bit of their juicy steamies, delicious poutines, and overly amazing french fries, and you'll know exactly why this spot has been popular for over 100 years.

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