The Reality Of Being A 20-Something Year Old Father

Young dads are so hot right now.
The Reality Of Being A 20-Something Year Old Father

Last week, I wrote an article about what it's like to be a young mommy. The article got so much great feedback and one of the readers suggested for me to write a male alternative on the same subject matter. What a wonderful idea!

So I got in touch with Eric McCarty, writer and contributor for Narcity Montreal. He's a single dad to a handsome little boy. What is it really like to be a young dad, I hear you ask? Let's find out together.

What do you miss most about your life without a child?

My free time. I [got back to working on] my career and I [it's so hard] to find some free time.

And traveling! Not Cuba/Cayo Coco... Me and my back pack for 8 months all around the world. I miss that so much.

Does having a baby represent a big financial burden? Does our government do a good job in helping out in this department?

I give all the governement returns to [my son's] mom. We separated. Yes, it's very difficult when you're back at school, have an apartment to pay, etc.

What is the single most gratifying thing about having a child?

Now, I know what love really is. My life is [finally complete].

Is your social life as active as it was before? If so, how do you juggle the responsibilities of having a child + having a social life?

When my little boy was a baby, it was rough to miss all the parties... but now, I don't care. It's just me and my boy. [I've changed a lot].

How do you manage your time? Is it difficult to succeed in business when you have a baby?

[Now that I'm] separated, I try to do all my stuff and [focus on my career] while my son is with his mother. I have more time for me right now.

Did you ever have a preference, boy or girl?

I have a boy, now I want a girl. Not right now lol, but I want both for sure. I want to dress her up as a Princess.

Have you changed as a person since you have a child? If so, how?

Definitely, now I'm a man. My life is my boy. That's it.

Has your dating life changed in any way?

Yes. It's difficult to find a woman to [start a new] relationship with [when you have] a child. Sex for sex... fine, easy lol Women love babies! But it's different when the time comes to build something real together. It's scary.

If there is one thing you’d do differently in your past, what would it be?

I would do it with the [right person]. Not seeing my boy for 3-4 days kills me.

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