The Reason Why Montreal Smells Like Shit

You know you smelled it too.

Photo cred - @imaustinhk

Unless you stayed indoors during all of yesterday's daylight hours (blasted vampires) then you probably experienced a very strange odour lingering all over of the city of Montreal, an aroma that was, in very juvenile terms, quite shitty?

Yeah, we smelled it too, and so did the rest of the city, as Montrealers across the city complained on social media, creating the magnificent hashtag #ShitStormMTL. Everyone was pretty confused by the poop-tastic attack on our olfactory senses, as no specific source for the stench was reported. No sewer main broke, no Mr. Hanky appearance, just a lingering stench that made the city smell like a farm.

And farms may actually be to blame. A whole reddit thread was devoted to finding out the source/complaining about the city-wide poop smell, with many theories posted, including the Habs performance against the Blackhawks, which wasn't even the most crazy idea. But one redittor (thanks Rubrum_) seems to have the most reasonable explanation and believed that the fertilizing practices of surrounding farmers was the source of the smell.

At various points throughout the year, the farmers of Quebec take to their fields and fertilize the Earth with a ton of manure. Montreal, surrounded by many agricultural spaces, then gets a cloud of poop-smell from the manure spraying practice, which would explain yesterday's shitty aroma.

One argument against this theory is that Quebec farmers are not allowed to spray manure after October 1st, which was swiftly debunked by the knowledgeable redditor, who claims to be an agronomist. Manure spraying after Oct 1st happens more than people think, and due to the poor weather conditions of spring, harvesting times were pushed back, with many crops harvested quite recently, thus forcing farmers to re-fertilize the ground a bit later than usual, like yesterday.

Makes sense, and is probably the most sensible explanation behind #ShitStormMTL. I'm just happy the smell only lingered for about a day.

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