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The Royal Family Has Forbidden Meghan Markle From Participating In The London Marathon

Apparently royals aren't allowed to be seen sweating.
The Royal Family Has Forbidden Meghan Markle From Participating In The London Marathon

You would assume that becoming a Duchess would mean a life of floating effortlessly on a pink fluffy cloud as your personal army of assistants tend to your every need.

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In other words, most people look at the Royal Family and assume that it's a life of uncomplicated bliss. Well, it's not.

It's actually full of outdated and arbitrary unwritten rules and tyrannical guidelines about what the royals members can and can't do.

Remeber that super controlling boyfriend or girlfriend you once had - yes, we all dated someone like this - that dictated who you could hang out with and what you could wear? Well, it's like being with someone like that, but forever.

Ok, I'm a little bit dramatic, I understand that the Royal Family is incessantly in the public eye,  and being the dignified individuals that they are, they must keep up a level of composure and project a certain image to the world. Afterall, they are royalty.

However, when I hear things like: the Queen has banned pasta - Meghan's favorite food - from Buckingham Palace, or that Meghan will have to give up shrimp and all seafood as well because the Royal Family doesn't eat seafood as a way to prevent food poisoning, it all starts to sounds a little controlling and brainwashy to me. Let the girl eat some damn spaghetti!

More recently, we've heard that Meghan Markle, who is known for being a fitness fanatic, has been banned from running the London Marathon.

You would assume that this would be a prime opportunity for positive public exposure, especially considering that the Marathon is also raising money for charity.

However, according to a source, it was decided that it would be "unseemly" for her to be seen in her tight-fitting athletic wear and sweating among the common people.

I hope you're rolling your eyes hard by now.

What's even worse, is that Meghan has been told that the decision was taken as a security precaution. However, she knows that this is just not true.

Meghan knows this, as she has a secret entrance for her favorite yoga class so that the public won't be able to see her in her clingy yoga pants.

I can understand how this new life can be challenging to adjust to. Especially because Meghan Markle is from L.A and used to blog about sex and has also publicly called herself a feminist.

I really feel for her, and I hope that some concessions will be made so that she can continue to lead her own life within the Royal Family.


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