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The Royal Family Is Forcing Meghan Markle To Follow Crazy Outfit Rules On Her First Tour Abroad

When it comes to wardrobe, the women of the Royal Family have to follow some crazy strict and outdated rules. Queens orders!

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Royal women even go so far as to sew mini weights into their skirt hemlines as to prevent at embarrassing "wind-related" incidents at Royal functions. 

In general, Royals are always expected to dress conservatively, never donning low necklines, revealed shoulders, or high hemlines.  

Meghan Markle, being the bold and gutsy woman that she is, has broken all of those "Royal rule" and more.

That said, Meghan is heading off on a Royal Tour soon. Some of her first stops: Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and New Zealand.

In terms of wardrobe, when travelling abroad Royals are expected to make outfit choices that reflect the place they are visiting. For example, the Queen wore a green dress during a historic visit to Ireland in 2011. 

Some people see this as a more "lenient" form of protocol, but I see it as adding another layer of complexity to the already complicated process of dressing for a public event as a Royal.

What if she wears the wrong color or style and invertedly offends people? Adequate research must be done beforehand.

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That said, I'm excited to see which ensembles Meghan Markle will be sporting during the first stop of her visit abroad.

Most importantly: will she play by her own rules? Or err on the side of caution for her first Royal tour and follow the Queen's orders?

Stay tuned for more Royal news!

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