The Safest Places In The World For Canadians To Travel In 2019

20 places to travel this year.
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The Safest Places In The World For Canadians To Travel In 2019

Canada's good reputation and widespread diplomatic presence give its citizens the opportunity and security to enjoy access to travel destinations around the world. But some countries, of course, are safer than others for Canadian citizens.

Inspired by SkyScanner's list of the "Safest Countries to Visit in 2019" using data from the U.S. Department of State, we have compiled this list of the 20 safest places for Canadians to visit this year.

This ranking uses data fromthe 2018 Global Peace Index, which evaluates countries based on their "peacefulness," as well as information from the government of Canada. 

To make this list, countries had to rank highly on the Index and have no outstanding travel advisories for Canadian citizens.

So, for example, while Belgium comes in at number 21 on the Global Peace Index, the Canadian government labels it a country where citizens should "exercise a high degree of caution," disqualifying it from this list. 

Maybe it's time to add one of these countries to your 2019 travel plans.

Listed below each country is relevant information from the government of Canada.

Of course, this list does not substitute official travel advice. The safety of these countries is also subject to change. Canadians should always check for official travel advisories before booking a vacation. 

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TLDR: Using information from the government of Canada and the 2018 Global Peace Index, we've compiled this list of the 20 safest places for Canadians to travel in 2019.

20. Slovakia

"Canada and Slovakia enjoy excellent bilateral relations [...] The community of about 65,000 Canadians of Slovak heritage is a link that enhances ties between the two countries. These Slovaks have enriched our nation in different walks of life, and Canada is proud of their many achievements." Read more here.

19. Mauritius

"Canada and Mauritius maintain positive bilateral relations, anchored in shared interests and common memberships in the Commonwealth, La Francophonie and the United Nations. Canada and Mauritius share similar views on important issues such as the environment, climate change action and good governance." Read more here.

18. Bhutan

Canada is one of "only 52 countries (in addition to the European Union)" with which Bhutan has diplomatic relations. Read more here.

17. Hungary

"Canada’s bilateral relations with Hungary [...] have a strong historical foundation. Canada resettled nearly 38,000 Hungarian refugees who fled the Soviet invasion of their country following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. In 2010, Canada designated the arrival of these refugees as a National Historic Event, largely for the way in which it helped to shape Canadian immigration policy." Read more here.

16. Germany

"Canada and Germany enjoy a close and friendly partnership, reflected in their active cooperation on the international stage as well as their healthy economic and investment relations." Read more here.

15. Norway

"Canada and Norway enjoy a long tradition of cooperation on regional and global security issues, reinforced by like-minded cooperation at the United Nations and related multilateral forums." Read more here.

14. Finland

"Canada and Finland share a long tradition of excellent relations marked by frequent bilateral exchanges on best domestic practices and common priorities." Read more here.

13. Sweden

"Canada and Sweden enjoy excellent bilateral relations based on people-to-people ties and mutually-beneficial economic partnerships. Canada and Sweden also share fundamental values and common approaches to key global issues, including a focus on inclusion and gender equality." Read more here.

12. Australia

"Canada-Australia relations are friendly and highly productive. The relationship has developed over a long history and is based on both a shared past and a common set of values..." Read more here.

11. Switzerland

"Canada and Switzerland enjoy close and multifaceted bilateral relations, based upon shared values and a commitment to democracy and human rights." Read more here.

10. Slovenia

"Canada has excellent relations with Slovenia, a NATO ally since 2004, and a member of the European Union, which is one of Canada’s most important international partners." Read more here.

9. Ireland

"Canada and Ireland enjoy positive bilateral relations founded on family, cultural and strong people-to-people ties; shared democratic political traditions; [and] a mutually beneficial commercial relationship." Read more here.

8. Japan

"Canada and Japan are partners in numerous international groups and organizations [...] Both Canada and Japan are strongly committed to ensuring continued economic vitality, cooperative political relations and development..." Read more here.

7. Singapore

"Canada was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with Singapore after it became independent in 1965. Since then, Singapore has become one of Canada’s most important partners in Southeast Asia." Read more here.

6. Czech Republic

"Canada and the Czech Republic have longstanding and close ties [...] As like-minded partners, Canada and the Czech Republic work well together bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally..." Read more here.

5. Denmark

"Canada and Denmark are partners and allies in a strong bilateral relationship. Both countries support multilateral solutions for global issues, such as the strengthening of international peace and security..." Read more here.

4. Portugal

"Common values in the areas of human rights, democracy, rule of law, and governance" between Canada and Portugal are strengthened by great cultural exchange: "tens of thousands of Canadians live in Portugal..." Read more here.

3. Austria

"Canada and Austria share many common interests and similar perspectives on global issues and challenges. Austria is an important multilateral partner for Canada, and the two countries work together on a range of issues, particularly human rights and the rule of law." Read more here.

2. New Zealand

"New Zealand is an important, like-minded partner for Canada on a broad range of issues..." Read more here.

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1. Iceland

"Canada's relations with Iceland began over one thousand years ago when Icelander Leif Eriksson landed in L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. The positive relationship that Canada and Iceland share continues to be influenced by the theme of exploration and discovery." That's probably why so many Canadians vacation to the island country. Read more here.

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