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The SAQ In Quebec Is Officially On Strike

Surprise strike!
The SAQ In Quebec Is Officially On Strike

Employees of SAQ ( Société des alcools du Québec) walked off of work on Sunday during a surprise strike which will continue until the end of today.

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It's been a while since we've heard about SAQ employees going on strike; that's because the 6-day strike will not be happening consecutively. The last one took place on August 22nd.

The original reason for the SAQ union strike is mainly surrounding weekend schedules and the precarious situation of job security of part-time employees of the SAQ.

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Around a month ago, employees walked out on the job with little no zero notice.  It seems like the "element of surprise" tactic is going to be the strike strategy of choice until the 6-days are used up. Because what's the point of striking if the public or SAQ management is given notice.

During SAQ strikes the majority of the 400 stores across Quebec are entirely closed. Except for a few locations which remain open - yet understaffed, and run by management.

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Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict when the next strike will happen, hopefully, their tactics will be effective and union employees will be able to leverage some negotiation power. As of now, however, the strike does not seem effective, and employees are no closer to getting the benefits demanded.


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