The SAQ Is Going On Strike For The Next 3 Days

Uh oh...
The SAQ Is Going On Strike For The Next 3 Days

Big surprise, the SAQ is going on strike again. Yes, the union has decided that now would be a good time to take a few more strike days. 3 to be exact.

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TL;DR A SAQ union strike will be happening as of Friday and run until Sunday.  5,500 workers will be on strike across Quebec and it will impact service available in SAQ stores. It's advised to stock up on your weekend alcohol now before Friday comes around. 

The strike will begin this Friday and continue for three days until Sunday. 

A total of 5,500 workers from across Quebec will be on strike, so don't be surprised if you're local SAQ is understaffed or closed.

President of the SAQ Shop and Office Employees Union Katia Lelièvre spoke to TVA recently and said that the union has made "great strides in negotiation," however it seems like the union is still not happy, especially when it comes to the issue of wages.

That said, on September 28th the union voted for an 18 strike days to be used when the union deemed it appropriate.

That means they can go on strike and "use" any of those strike days at a moments notice. Kind of like what's happening this week.

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Your general takeaway: If you're stuck without booze all weekend, learn from this lesson and make sure you stock up once the strike ends. You don't want this to happen during the holidays. 

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