The SAQ Is Planning To Offer Same-Day Home Delivery Across Quebec

You could get online orders sent to your hours within 24 hours.
The SAQ Is Planning To Offer Same-Day Home Delivery Across Quebec

In an effort to increase online sales, the SAQ has expressed a desire to offer a same-day delivery service on online orders to their customers across Quebec.

While the SAQ already offers free home delivery for online orders over $75, the arrival of the order is usually between 3 and 5 business days and shipping fees can be as much as $12. 

So imagine being at a party, a couple extra friends stop by and now you need a couple more bottles of wine... no problem! The SAQ-mobile is on its way!

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TL;DR In the hopes to increase their online sales, the SAQ is hoping to offer same-day delivery of online sales as early as February 2020! More details below.

Okay, obviously I made up the SAQ-mobile. And according to TVA Nouvelles, there are very few tangible details about this could-be service. But it's fun to imagine!

There would likely be a minimum order amount for the same-day service just as there is for the current home-delivery service. Plus there is also the potential for an additional convenience fee.

TVA Nouvelles explains that the SAQ is hoping to increases their online sales, as currently, only 1.2% of their annual $3.2 billion revenue comes from online sales, a market that is essentially untapped for the alcohol dispensary. 

Moreover, only around a third of the wine available in-stores can be found and ordered online. Just another reason why purchasing online through the SAQ is likely a sad second thought for most people living in Quebec.

In terms of the same-day delivery, the SAQ is hoping to implement the new service by February 2020. 

So while this summer you and your friends are going to have to keep playing rock-paper-scissors to see who has to make the Dep run at 10:30 PM, next summer could prove to be a lot simpler.

We will keep you posted with details of this delightful news as it arises! Until then, cheers!

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