The SAQ Strike Is Over In Quebec

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The SAQ Strike Is Over In Quebec

After walking off the job unexpectedly yesterday at 10am, SAQ employees are back to work today according to the SAQ press site.

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There's no word yet whether further strikes are planned in anticipation of the resumption of negotiations between the union and government officials later this week.

After teasing a strike for about one month, the SAQ decided not to follow through only a few weeks ago. But disgruntled employees had other plans. Some unlucky customers were the target of pranks and other shenanigans. Employees at some locations turned wine bottles around on the shelves so customers couldn't view their labels.

The one-day strike left only sixty-six SAQ locations open across the province. Talks between the union and government will only intensify attention on working conditions and collective power. So more, longer strikes may be on the horizon, especially if talks fall through or employees are unhappy with any deal. 

Meanwhile, the government is also in the process of establishing the SAQ subsidiary, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), that will monopolize marijuana distribution in the province. Full benefits for those employees are still undetermined. Negotiations on that front may also result in strikes and delayed-openings. That could be bad news for the fledgling retailer.

Stay tuned.

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