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The SAQ Will Now Deliver Right To Your Home So You Don't Have To Wait In Line

Home delivery is back!
The SAQ Will Now Deliver Right To Your Home So You Don't Have To Wait In Line
  • To make social distancing a little easier, the SAQ has brought back home delivery.
  • The company is also prioritizing the stock of 500 of its most popular items.

The SAQ is making social distancing a whole lot easier. The Crown liquor and wine store is bringing back home deliveries. The news comes after long lines outside SAQ stores were spotted across the province.

"Home delivery is back!" the company announced on its website Monday.

"The SAQ has teamed up with Purolator to deliver your purchases right to your door!"

"This new partner[ship] will allow us to better serve our customers who prefer to stay at home and/or who must comply with current containment requirements," a statement provided to MTL Blog reads.

A spokesperson further confirmed that home delivery will last for the duration of the crisis.

A $12 home delivery fee will apply, but the proceeds will benefit the Quebec Food Banks "[allowing] you to contribute to a good cause."

The company states, however, that delivery times are now as long as 10 days.

The news will nevertheless be met with enthusiasm — and even relief — among SAQ customers.

Precautions implemented at physical stores to protect employees and customers have multiplied wait times and complicated the buying experience.

The closure of stores on Sunday to give employees a much-needed break has further limited customers' ability to access products.

Home delivery will allow Quebec residents to more stringently adhere to the government request to limit travel outside of the home.

It will also enable more movie nights with wine and popcorn.

The SAQ isn't the only store to shift to online service.

The closure of non-essential establishments, including restaurant dining rooms, has put unprecedented emphasis on online shopping and ordering.

Thankfully, everything from bakeries to Pho restaurants has made goods and dishes available through the internet.

[rebelmouse-image 26885860 photo_credit="SAQ | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="960x960"] SAQ | Facebook

In addition to the revived home delivery service, the SAQ announced Monday that it would prioritize the supply of 500 of its most popular products.

And, excitingly, "as of April 9, some twenty new arrivals will be posted online every Thursday. Rosés and ready-to-drink products will also be offered in the coming weeks."

Stay tuned for more news.

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