The 9 Scariest Movies On Netflix Canada

People actually had to turn them off.

There is no such thing as a mediocre horror film. They are either amazing or absolutely terrible. But sometimes- they are so chilling that you can't even make it all the way through.

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Netflix Canada actually has a great selection of horror films. It's normal to be overwhelmed with choice and needing a little helpful tip to know where to start. The following list is made up of certified fresh selection of the scary movie sphere on Netflix.

Whether you're into classic slasher films,  suspenseful thrillers, or thought-provoking psychological thrillers - there's a little something to float everyone's boat.

9. Cabin Fever

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Why you should watch it: Released in 2002, this horror movie follows the ultimate thriller movie trope. A bunch of sexy teens rents a cabin in the forest for a weekend of fun, but fun definitely does not follow.

8. Mexico Barbaro

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Why you should watch it: This horror film is an anthology of Mexican traditions. 8 Mexican directors came together to weave a story of their country's oldest and newest rituals and traditions.

7. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

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Why you should watch it: If your goal in watching horror films is to be disturbed to the bone, then The Human Centipede films are for you. The second part of this three-part story follows lonely and deranged Dr. Heiter who sets out to realize his twisted medical fantasy of creating a 12-person human creature. *shudder*

6. Gerald's Game

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Why you should watch it: Based on a novel by Stephan King, this 2017 suspense thriller follows a couple that tries to spice up things up in the bedroom. A worse case scenario situation unfolds as her husband dies mid-act. Stranded and handcuffed to her bed in a remote country home, a woman must fight for her life.

5. You're Next

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Why you should watch it: Like a proper slasher film, the story starts off with sunshine and rainbows when the protagonist's family set off on a celebratory weekend get-away. Well, you can only guess what happens next.

4. Hush

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Why you should watch it: Some of the best horror films have few characters and the simplest storylines. This film follows a deaf writer who receives an unexpected visitor in her home.

3. The Invitation

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Why you should watch it: A dinner party takes a turn towards sinister and dark as a man who has been invited back to his former home gets to know his ex-wife and new husband.

2. Circle

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Why you should watch it: This is a familiar psychological thriller storyline: what happens when a bunch of strangers suddenly find themselves held captive against their will. Confused, stripped of their freedom and pitted against one another - yes, people will die.

1. The Babadook

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Why you should watch it: If you're into slow build-ups and chilling metaphors for the fragility of the human mind, The Babadook is for you. In the spirit of the classic psychological thrillers like The Shining and Rosemary's Baby, The Babadook follows a widowed woman dealing with her son's degrading mental health after the loss of his father and her husband.