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The Secret Is Out, Stwo To Headline OMISOKA NYE 2014

SJU, Saintwoods, and MTL Blog bring you the best NYE event.
The Secret Is Out, Stwo To Headline OMISOKA NYE 2014

Photo cred - Arthur Rad 

Look no further, you have found your New Year's Eve plans. Samourais des Jungles Urbaines & Saintwoods, in collaboration with your very own MTL Blog, have organized the most epic of NYE events: Omisoka 2014 with Kaytranda. 10 DJs, BYOB, and beautiful people all at a soon-t0-be-released location, Omisoka will be the best way to ring in 2014.

This just in: secret headliner for the event will be none other than Stwo. The freshest produce straight out of Paris, Stwo will rock your world with his newly released EP, and who knows what other unreleased tracks he may bust out. Stwo will be joined by Kaytranda, Jimmy Edgar, Lee Bannon, Construct, Jay London, Dead Horse Beats and so many others to keep you dancing and raging well into 2014.

Tickets are on sale now, and are going fast. The early early bird is already sold out, but the early bird price is still up for grabs. Get them while they're hot, as prices go up at the presale price, and will be more moolah at the door. Plan ahead people, Omisoka is gonna be amazing so you may as well save a few bucks on your ticket. Grab 'em online here before the disappear.

BOYB means bringing as much drank as you like, with no excessive bar prices. Awesome musical acts means the night is gonna be high energy and electrified. Secret location means an awesome menu, not too packed by hordes of randoes. All in all, Omisoka means an awesome New Year's Eve. Come rock out with us and ring in 2014 at the city's hottest party.


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