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The Secret Montreal Waterfall We Really Don’t Want To Tell You About

A gem hidden right in the city.
The Secret Montreal Waterfall We Really Don’t Want To Tell You About

Honestly, waterfalls are bae. There's nothing quite like chilling near a super peaceful marvel of nature as a beautiful summer breeze blows through your hair; and although Quebec is full of gorgeous waterfalls, they might be a slight bit harder to find in Montreal.

Until now, that is.

Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau has many little secret waterfalls scattered throughout the island; but recently, I stumbled upon this gorgeous oasis, hidden right in plain sight.

Not only is this spot incredibly gorgeous to see, but it's perfectly situated right near a bridge - which makes it a seriously on point jogging path, bike trail, or spot to take, like, tons of selfies. (No judgement, friends, live your best selfie lives).

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Seeing as this highkey beautiful waterfall is located on Parc Jean-Drapeau, you're going to have to get off at Station Jean-Drapeau in order to see it.

It's a ten minute walk from the metro, so you can enjoy good summer vibes in no time at all.

For a clearer picture of where this awesome waterfall is, check out this map:

So get there this summer, and be prepared to enjoy yourself. (Maybe pack a picnic for maximum awesome vibes. Make a day out of it; it's summer, after all!)

Oh, and if you do end up going? Don't forget to take lots of pics for Instagram, and make sure to tag MTL Blog in your pictures.

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