The Secret Old Montreal Skating Rink To Take Your Next Winter Date

Photo cred - @jfsavaria

Warm as it is today, we know the cold will return. Don't dread the impending frigid winds too much, because with the cold comes ice, and with ice comes skating, and with skating comes one of the only date-excursions feasible in winter. And now you can actually go to a rink without having to deal with scores of people.

Beneath the Notre-Dame viaduct (between Saint-Christophe and Saint-André) is the not-too-well-known Old Montreal park officially known as “Espace Faubourg Québec.” In warmer months, the public park is used for ping-pong, yoga, and other events. Now that's it has gotten cold, the spot has become a zone for skate-dates.

Montreal instagrammer/photographer @jfsavaria posted the above photo showcasing the "Secret Old Port Skating Rink," which should be entirely free, as all other events in the public park are. Aside from the free-ninety-nine pricing, the best part is the fact that you won't be bogged down by crowds of annoying people like at other, and more popular, Montreal skating rinks.

Yes, we're letting a bunch of people know about the space, thus no longer making it a secret, but how else were we going to let you know? This could also just be a clever ploy to get all the couples to head to Espace Faubourg Québec instead of the Old Port Skating Rink, because in truth, I'm a little tired of all the PDA and holding hands while trying to simultaneously enjoy skating while not caring that I'll be forever alone.

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