The Secret Way You Can Get Super Cheap School Textbooks In Montreal

Just don't tell the bookstores.
The Secret Way You Can Get Super Cheap School Textbooks In Montreal

Swapping and sharing is all the rage at the moment, but searching through endless groups to make a sale is a massive pain.

Instead of having to spend hours trawling every Bunz spinoff page to find someone who actually wants your seventeenth-century poetry journal, studEtree streamlines the process of selling off your used textbooks into one blissfully simple online platform that is about a million times more organized than you could ever hope to be.

More than just a marketplace, studEtree turns the fuss of buying and selling old textbooks into a one-click experience. All you have to do is give it your course schedule and the platform will actually hook you up automatically with people selling the relevant books. It’s genuinely that easy!

Once you’ve reached the end of your semester, the handy platform will then pair you up with someone in need of the books you just finished with, meaning not one single second of your precious free time will be spent desperately trying to search out a buyer for your ridiculously specific specialist texts.

The online platform even lets you know if someone is looking for your books before you’re done with them. So now it’s totally justified to spend your future profits on that extra round of drinks.

As well as turning unneeded resources into cash, studEtree also lets you search for study buddies and connect with your classmates, so you’ll never be stuck for homework help again.

Textbook costs have traditionally been the bane of students’ lives. Nobody wants to blow their whole student loan on a stack of books they’ll never look at again, neither do they want to sink endless hours into trying to resell those books.

StudEtree basically does all the hard work for you, leaving you with the far easier job of counting them dollars. A true godsend for any busy (or lazy!) student.

Making it to the second week of school without being horribly broke for once, would be nice wouldn't it? Sign up on studEtree and snag yourself some of the cheapest textbooks in the whole of Montreal. Just don't tell the bookstores!

StudEtree is also currently looking for brand ambassadors to join the team. Sweat perks are involved, you might just want to look into that too.

Check out the studEtree website for more information about the app or keep up with them on Facebook.