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The "Selfie" Rises To Become Something More Than Just A Picture

Oxford University Press deemed "selfie" as word of the year.
The "Selfie" Rises To Become Something More Than Just A Picture

The use of the word Selfie in the past year has had a rise almost as meteoric as Quebec's rise in Gonorrhea cases (300% in the past decade). All strange comparisons aside, everyone from political figures to police officers to animals have been going crazy with Selfies.

That's why Britain's Oxford University Press has decided to declare it word of the year for 2013. It has become so prominent because it originated in the Twitter and Instagram world and managed to become a part of people's everyday conversations.

There are different hypothesis about the origin of the word. Some people trace it back to an Australian online forum in 2002. The suffix "-ie" is often used in Australia to shorten words, like "barbie" instead of barbecue.

Selfie is now up there with previous words of the year such as "Sudoku" (2005), "carbon footprint" (2008), and "unfriend" (2009).

The fact that I'm being auto-corrected for the word Selfie is soon to be obsolete; my computer has yet to catch up to the times.

Do you think Selfie deserves to be in the dictionary? Which word would you have picked?

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