This "Sexy Handmaid" Is One Of The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes This Year

With the recent release of the second season of Hulu Network's hit show Handmaid's Tale, you would assume that the bright red costume would be seen at Halloween events everywhere this year.

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TL;DR Twitter erupted in criticism for an inappropriate "sexy Handmaid" Halloween costume. The company responsible has since removed the costume from its collection.

The recent controversy surrounding an online costume store's poor interpretation of the Handmaid's uniform makes me think that this might no longer be the case. 

Online store and American retailer Yandy took down their “Brave Red Maiden” costume after it caused an online uproar. Check out some of these Tweets. 

I’m dressing up as existential despair this Halloween

September 21, 2018

Activists have even usedHandmaid's Tale inspired protests around the world to call out sexist and repressive policy. To some, the "sexy handmaid" costume belittled those efforts.

It seems like this online retailer didn't watch the show and quite catch what the red cloak and cap represents to the characters of the show.

The Handmaid's Tale is set in a dystopian future and fictional place called Gilead where women are completely stripped of their rights. Reading alone carries a punishment of getting your fingers chopped off.

The perfect costume that says, "I'm stuck in a dystopian nightmare, but also feel sexy."

September 21, 2018

Not only that but in this backward future only the Handmaids, select few women, are able to conceive healthy babies. But instead of being treated like the saviors of humanity, the women are treated like cattle and reduced to slaves of the high status men of Gilead. 

As you can see, the sexy Halloween rendition of the Handmaid's garb entirely misses the point of the show and is highly offensive, to say the least. 

The online store Yandys released a statement yesterday acknowledging that the Handmaids attire is “seen as a symbol of women’s oppression, rather than an expression of women’s empowerment.”

The takeaway: even if you're wearing it for the right reasons, it might be best to stay away from any Handmaid Tale related costumes this year. 


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