The Sketchy Deal Behind Montreal's 6am Bars

Denis Coderre accused of political favouritism.
The Sketchy Deal Behind Montreal's 6am Bars

Alex Norris, a councilor for Project Montréal, is calling Denis Coderre out and accusing him of giving a $20, 000 legal contract regarding Montreal's 6am bars pilot project to personal friends, an act Norris calls "political favouritism."

Coderre, however, doesn't think his administration did anything wrong in choosing the law firm Malouin & Phaneuf to lead the city in negotiations pertaining to the extended bar hours.

The sketchy part comes from the fact that two of Coderre's personal friends are partners in the firm (one was Coderre's lead campaign strategist), no other firms were consulted or considered, and how, according to Norris, the city already has legal officials who could have handled the legalities project.

In essence, Coderre is being accused of giving the city's money to major supporters of his campaign, in a classic "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" scenario.

Dennis Gallant, the city's inspector-general, is being tasked with looking into the deal, which is slightly ironic as Coderre created the inspector-general position to specifically identify acts of corruption.

Coderre doesn't seem to worried and stands by his office's decision. Given the overall good job Coderre has done as mayor thus far, we're inclined to believe him. Plus, how can you hate on a guy who made 6am bars happen?

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