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The Snow Plow Montreal Desperately Needs

Simple, yet genius!
The Snow Plow Montreal Desperately Needs

It's a struggle we're all too familiar with. 

You wake up to a snowfall, and like a good Canadian you head out into the cold harsh weather to shovel your driveway. 

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After an hour or two of backbreaking work you're finally done and you'd think it was time to celebrate, but sadly it isn't...

Because at that very moment a snowplow comes along to clear the street and it proceeds to dump a crap ton of snow right back onto your property. 

The only obvious solution would be to make sure to shovel snow AFTER the snow plow has passed, but that's not always possible. 

But there's actually simpler more elegant solution. All the city would need to do is add this little attachment to the existing snowplows.

This little device stop snowplows from dumping snow where it does belong, and Montreal desperately needs them!

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