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The Southernmost Point In Canada Is A Secret Vacation Spot You Have To See At Least Once

Simply magical!
The Southernmost Point In Canada Is A Secret Vacation Spot You Have To See At Least Once

While Canada is known for its wintery attractions, the country is also full of summertime destinations.

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That's good news for Canadians,75% of whom have said they would avoid travel to the United States amid escalating tensions and the American president's designs for a trade was that threaten the Canadian economy.

Look no further than national parks in Canada for alternative vacation spots to overcrowded American landscapes.

But while images of Banff and the Cape Breton Highlands dominate the Canadian traveller's imagination, one national park in particular has gone mostly unnoticed.

In fact, Point Pelee, Canada's smallest national park, occupies the southernmost point in Canada. A peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie, Point Pelee offers visitors kilometres of beaches and trails with an abundance of wildlife to observe.

The national park also includes Middle Island in Lake Erie, the landmass that holds the official distinction of "farthest south." Though, the island is a largely untouched nature reserve closed to curious visitors.

Travellers can nevertheless enjoy the titular point in the national park that forms the southernmost spot on the Canadian mainland. The dramatic tip of the peninsula is the perfect picture opportunity.

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The national park website promises camp grounds and other rental facilities for visitors. Kayaking along the wide beaches and through the winding marshes is another popular activity. Or, if you're a complete nerd, like me, you can also enjoy the national park's annual Bird Festival, which sees bird enthusiasts from across the country flock (hehe) to the point.

Visit quickly before the Turks and Caicos becomes Canada's new southernmost location. Check out what else Point Pelee National Park has to offer here.


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