The SPCA Has Officially Announced It Is Powerless When It Comes To The Dead Calèche Horse In Old Montreal

The horse-drawn carriages won't be banned from the city until 2020.
The SPCA Has Officially Announced It Is Powerless When It Comes To The Dead Calèche Horse In Old Montreal

News broke this morning of a calèche horse that had literally dropped dead over the weekend in Old Montreal. The scene was extremely traumatizing for crowds of people who witnessed the horrible event.

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TL;DR The SPCA has released their official statement on the caleche horse that dropped dead in Old Montreal yesterday. They have announced that although they're powerless in to help the horses right now, they are eager to see the carriages banned on December 31, 2019.

According to witnesses, the horse screamed in agony in the minutes before its death. The horse was also seen shaking and struggling for breath. Needless to say, the entire city is heartbroken after such an awful incident.

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We've all been wondering when the SPCA would address the events of yesterday, and what exactly could be done to either bring justice or at the very least protect the other calèche horses at risk.

It comes as a shock to hear that the SPCA is completely powerless in this situation, according to a statement released this morning. 

The statement confirms that two workers from the Investigations Division arrived at the scene and that given the circumstances they immediately contacted the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ).

The SPCA explains that they don't have the power to apply provincial animal welfare legislation to horses, so really, nothing is going to actually be done to protect the other horses.

Well, at least not for another year. Horse-drawn carriages will be banned in Montreal effective December 31, 2019. Until then, we'll still be seeing the calèche horses giving rides to tourists in Old Montreal.

The SPCA adds that the city should ensure increased oversight of carriage horses, and that they're eager to see the law banning horse-drawn carriages finally come into force.

For more on the official SPCA statement, click HERE.