The SQDC In Quebec Can't Restock Its Marijuana Supply For Another Six Months

SQDC received only 4% of what they actually ordered.
The SQDC In Quebec Can't Restock Its Marijuana Supply For Another Six Months

Jean-François Bergeron recently announced some truly disappointing news, the pot shortage is not going to improve any time soon. Sorry, Canada.

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TL;DR Due to extreme product shortage, Jean-François Bergeron announced that SQDC locations will remain partially closed for the next 6-months.

The core of the issue: the SQDC only got 4% of what they actually ordered.

According to a report by Le Journal De Montreallast April 2018, the government placed a massive order for nine tonnes of cannabis with their producers for the first quarter after legalization.

Production fell extremely short. Only 4% of the 9 tons was delivered to the SQDC.

To make things worse, the SQDC was only informed of production delays 2-3 weeks before October 17th, legalization day.

As a result, the SQDC is so short on supply, it appears like it will only pick up again in spring 2019.

Another side effect of the supply shortage is that SQDC stores have reduced their operating schedules and are now open only Thursday through to Sunday.

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Moreover, the SQDC was also forecasting the opening of 50 outlets by the end of the first year. It's quickly become clear that their production and logistic issues need to be ironed out before working on opening new stores.

In other words, why open new stores if the shelves will be empty anyways?

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