The SQDC In Quebec Is Already Running Out Of Marijuana Products In Stores

Cannabis legalization day in Canada produced a frenzy.

Thousands of people lined up across the country to get their first sample of legal marijuana.

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TL;DR After just one day of legalization, the SQDC has admitted it is having issues with its marijuana supply. There's no telling when that problem will be rectified.

In Montreal, lines wrapped around city blocks.

In Quebec, marijuana distribution is entirely controlled by the government through the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC).

While that method guaruntees responsbile sales, critics have bemoaned its lack of accessibility.

Only three SQDC branches opened in Montreal, for example. Many feared that the SQDC would consequently be unable to meet the massive demand.

Unfortunately, it seems those fears were justified.

According to le Journal de Québec, the SQDC has confirmed that it is already running out of some marijuana products.

Some products sold out on the agency website as early as yesterday afternoon.

Even yesterday some store shelves appeared empty. A representative for MTLBlog was among the first visitors at the SQDC branch in downtown Montreal. There, some products appeared sold out, or at least unavailable.

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Because cannabis supply is entirely monitored by the government, there's no telling just how long it will take to restock shelves if there is truly a lack of products.

Lines continue to defy expectations on the second day of legalization.

This supply problem will likely only become worse. Sales may be even higher on the weekend.

Stay tuned for more cannabis-related news. Legalization is a grand experiment in Canada. No one really knows what to expect of the coming days.


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