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Weed Tea & Beer Are Coming To The SQDC

The SQDC has finally spilled the tea on edibles.
You Can Soon Get Weed Tea At The SQDC In Quebec

To celebrate one year of legalization, the SQDC has made several announcements about what we can expect from the pot depot in Quebec. Notably, we will so be able to purchase weed tea and beer at the SQDC, in addition to other drink additives and assorted edibles.

Last week, our very own Teddy Elliot tried out another one of the SQDC's newest introductions to the market: an ounce of weed.

In an effort to combat low black-market prices, the SQDC and HEXO Corp teamed up to provide consumers with a new bulk weed option, in the form of "Original Stash," which ranges from 12%-18% THC and is selling for $125.70/ounce, making it only $4.49 a gram.

In addition to this super-economical option, the SQDC also took the time on October 17 to announce what consumers can expect when it comes to the rolling out of legal edibles.

In conversation with the Journal de Montreal, SQDC CEO Jean-François Bergeron spoke about the company's plans to decrease price, reduce waste and safely open up the market to edibles in various forms, including teas and other beverages as well as snack-foods that steer clear of sweets that could be dangerously enticing for children. 

This means that soft drinks are also off the table, as they are "attractive for children," as Bergeron explains.

However, he did mention sparkling water with added flavours like citrus as an alternative mode of consumption.

Translation: Other stimulating challenges lie ahead: the expansion of our branch network, the arrival of new edible cannabis products, the reduction of packaging, the integration of new suppliers and much more!

These drinks wouldn't be sweetened like a soda, to avoid attracting the youth market, and would have about 5 mg of THC per serving.

Edibles become legal nationwide on December 16, however, candies and chocolates are still off the table, for the same reason as sugary drinks.

Bergeron also mentioned the possibility of a non-alcoholic beer that would be malt-based, like a lager, and would feature some percentage of THC or CBD, as well.

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In terms of foodstuffs, we can expect to see things like granola bars and muffins, but that steer away from chocolate flavours. There will also be products like hashish tablets made with resin.

Concentrates, like those used in vaporizers, are still a point of discussion, not only with the SQDC but nationwide, as reports of vaping-related illnesses linked to tobacco-based vape pens have started to emerge.

The Journal de Montreal notes that in Quebec, we will have to wait for the passing of a by-law in the National Assembly before we'll be picking up these products at our local SQDC, though Bergeron believes approval will be passed by the time the rest of the country sees edibles roll out.

Here's hoping!

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