The SQDC Is Raising The Price Of Marijuana In Quebec

The price increase comes just 6 months after the SQDC first opened.
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The SQDC Is Raising The Price Of Marijuana In Quebec

Six months after the legalization of recreational cannabis in Quebec and the opening of the SQDC, the agency responsbile for marijuana sales is raising the price of product by 5%, according to a statement posted to Facebook.

The price adjustment will better reflect the "reality of the market," the statement reads.

"Based on the average price paid by the consumer of $ 7.76 per gram for the dried flower, this adjustment results in an average price increase of 5%" or "$ 0.40 per gram."

Meanwhile, some "products will see their prices decrease or remain unchanged." "Products costing less than $6" will not be affected so that the SQDC may still offer "a range of products that are competitive with the black market."

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TL;DR The SQDC is raising the price of most cannabis products by 5%.

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"Despite this adjustment," the SQDC claims, the retailer "remains the legal cannabis trade with the lowest average price in Canada."

Many Facebook commenters have expressed anger at the decision. "Compete with the black market by raising the price. You work backwards! In fact, with this decision, you ENCOURAGE the illegal market. It is shameful and sad to have to explain it to you," exclaimed one customer (translated from French).

Indeed, the inaccessibility of legal cannabis across Canada has only sustained the marijuana black market. Earlier this year, Statistics Canada reported that illegal product is about $3 cheaper per gram, according to Global News

Critics have long argued that high prices on the legal market are a deterrent for consumers.

It will be months before the SQDC can report on any affect this price increase will have on sales.

Despite the increase, the SQDC continues to expand operations, extending store hours and opening new locations across the province.

Stay tuned.

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