The SQDC Menu Just Got Even Weirder: You Can Now Get Weed Beef Jerky

Yes, it's actually psychoactive beef jerky.

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A bag of weed-infused beef jerky available at the SQDC. Right: Montrealers line up outside an SQDC.

A bag of weed-infused beef jerky available at the SQDC. Right: Montrealers line up outside an SQDC.

The joyless family of Quebec legal cannabis edibles has gotten a new, and reportedly quite popular, addition: a THC-infused beef jerky that "makes you want to laugh" — but maybe not in the way its creators hoped. It's now for sale at the SQDC.

Each piece of salty dried meat contains 4.5 mg of THC, a relatively low dose, and. 0.75 mg of CBD, also quite low. The glorified, stoner-friendly dog treats have "salty flavours" (shocking no one) and can produce a sense of euphoria when consumed.

The effects take up to 60 minutes to set in and last for upwards of eight hours on average, as with the claims of other edible cannabis products.

A step above dried beets and cauliflower bites, this new product might actually be tasty enough to justify the cost, despite the SQDC's firm mandate against encouraging youth to consume cannabis.

That's why Quebec doesn't get any of the apparently delicious Ontario and B.C. legal gummies, candies and chocolates, and why we're stuck inventing things like weed jerky to get us through the day.

Cheekily titled "OG Jerk," the souped-up snack was launched in early February — specifically during Super Bowl weekend, as noted by Eric Ronsse, CEO of Good Shroom, the company responsible for the product. "As the only beef jerky in Quebec, we expect that such a commonly consumed savoury snack, now infused with THC, will appeal to many consumers. Concurrent with Super Bowl weekend, we also feel it's an appropriate launch week," he said in a recent press release.

A later release citing weed products data platform revealed that OG Jerk has become the top-selling edible in Quebec. One can only imagine that the extremely, deliberately unappetizing competition is primarily to blame for the jerky's popularity — or is it just a genius product? We'll leave that up to you.

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