The SQDC Will Open 12 Brand-New Locations Across Quebec This Year

There will soon be 28 SQDC stores across Quebec.
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The SQDC Will Open 12 Brand-New Locations Across Quebec This Year

Since last October, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has been providing legal cannabis products to consumers across the province. After a bumpy first few months, Quebec's official cannabis dispensary is making its first huge expansion. 

Planned expansions into new regions of the province will see 12 new stores in total that will be open sometime by the end of next fall. The SQDC just signed seven new leases along with the planned five stores around the Montreal area that were announced a couple months ago

According to the SQDC's official statement, the expansion into the new regions in Quebec hopes to "attract black-market consumers to the legal market". The company hopes that now, with unprecedented ease of access in the near future, consumers won't always have to rely on illegal sources and will have safe access to high-quality cannabis products. 

The SQDC says that the seven new leases will be for all-new locations in Quebec City, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Georges, Mont-Tremblant, Rivière-du-Loup, Shawinigan and Grande-Rivière.

This marks the first time that the SQDC will have a retail presence in the Eastern-most parts of Quebec. Previously, there were no SQDC stores past Rimouski, according to CBC News. 

The SQDC also released the exact addresses of the seven new leases. The stores will be located at the following addresses: 

  • 3930 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel (Quebec City)
  • 102 rue Valmont (Saint-Jérôme)
  • 10730 Boulevard Lacroix (Saint-Georges)
  • 1221 rue St-Jovite (Mont-Tremblant)
  • 450 rue Lafontaine (Rivière-du-Loup)
  • 2070 105e Avenue (Shawinigan)
  • 33 rue Grande-Allée Est in (Grande-Rivière)

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The SQDC also released details about the five new locationsthat are planned around Montreal and Southern Quebec.

A total of 12 new locations are planned for opening next fall, bringing the total number of SQDC dispensaries in Quebec from 16 to 28. After expansion, Quebec will be one of the leading provinces in terms of retail locations and access to cannabis products. 

The five stores that are planned in Southern Quebec will be in Montreal, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke and Châteauguay. 

They will be located at the following addresses: 

  • 1272 rue Principale (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts)
  • 5240 Queen Mary (Montreal)
  • 317 rue Montcalm (Chicoutimi)
  • 1681 rue King Ouest (Sherbrooke)
  • 90 Boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste, unit 103 (Châteauguay)

You can purchase dried flowers, oils, capsules, and sprays at the SQDC and will soon be able to purchase edibles, hashish, and concentrates once they're legalized this winter. 

Do you visit the SQDC for your supply? The new location will be right off the Blue Line, beside Snowdon metro. Find in pinned on the map below.

[rebelmouse-image 26891019 photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="782x599"] Google Maps

Do you buy your supply at the SQDC?

Stay tuned for more information on the new store opening in Cote-des-Neiges and any other updates about the SQDC's plans concerning bud in La Belle Province.

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