The STM Is Going To Make Winter Suck And Here's Why

Prepare to wait for the bus longer than you'd like.
The STM Is Going To Make Winter Suck And Here's Why

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more excruciating than having to wait for a bus that's super late in the winter. No, I lied, there is something worse: when the bus never shows up at all.

On some bus routes (I'm looking at you 55 south), being stranded on the street corner waiting for a bus is a common occurrence. As for why this happens, well, we usually ascribe the event to an act of God, fate, or (that twisted b*tch) chance.

The real reason is far simpler, and even more aggravating. The STM simply doesn't have enough buses, or drivers.

Since the beginning of the year, the amount of STM buses taking folks where they need to go during rush hours periods has steadily decreased, according to an STM report referenced by The Gazette. 95 buses were taken out of service from January to July, making for a total of 1, 332 buses, the lowest amount the city has had in service since 2009.

Removing STM buses off of the road are needed repairs. Almost a quarter of all buses were taken in for repairs during the initial six-month stretch of 2015, the largest figure in the last 6 years. Making matters worse is just how old a lot of the buses are, with outdated model needing more frequent repairs.

Adding to the problem is the fact that the STM doesn't have enough workers to drive the buses that actually do work. Amélie Régis, representative for the STM specified to the Gazette there a lack of drivers, creating a constant issue of not knowing who is going to drive which buses when, every single day.

To give you an idea, the STM missed an entire 800,000km of bus routes since the first six months of the year. Not exactly a comforting figure when you know that winter is coming. And no, that wasn't a blatant GoT reference, I'm actually worried.

No one is really taking the blame for the problem, which isn't much of a surprise, but mobile repair teams might be launched to fix the repair-problem. More drivers will also be hired by the end of the year, and there will be 258 new buses added to the fleet by 2018, but unfortunately, most of those buses will just be replacing older models, and won't really aid the overall issue.

Maybe that iBus system will finally be launched and we'll be able to actually know when buses are coming. Hashtag doubtful, so you better just use those bus shelters to your advantage once it gets cold.